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 FnaticRaidCall says farewell to Pita

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Liitunud : 27/01/2012

PostitaminePealkiri: FnaticRaidCall says farewell to Pita    Esm Jan 30, 2012 3:41 pm

FnaticRaidCall says farewell to Pita

Today is a very sad day for FnaticRaidCall, as we say goodbye to one of our key players, Faruk "Pita" Pita.

Unfortunately, Faruk can no longer dedicate Counter-Strike as much time as he did in 2011, and his motivation to play the game on highest level has been fading. He saw it as a indication that he has to "retire" from competitive Counter-Strike scene and step down from FnaticRaidCall's roster.

Here's what Pita had to say about his retirement:

Tsiteerin: :
"I remember back in 2007 when I went to my first LAN. In the same arena there were teams like fnatic, SK, NiP etc. I stood behind them and watched them play, wondering if I would ever make it to a team of that level.

Almost five years later, I'm sitting in this chair, writing this, thinking and knowing that I made it. I had a goal and I made that goal come true. Something I've learned in my career as a CS-player is never lose hope, and do not let anyone, ever, tell you that you can't do this or that. My time in Fnatic has been a blast, playing those big tournaments, interacting with the fans and other players.

Something I will truly miss since I'm now calling for a retirement. It's easy for me now to say I will retire, but I'm a very impulsive person and I don't know if I will ever come back to the professional e-sport business. I will miss all the fun I have had with all the various teams, especially this team. Not to sound cliché but this was the funniest team I've played with.

I just want to end this to say sorry to the fnatic team, for not having been dedicated lately as you were. I kinda blame myself for our bad performance in Kiev, I didn't put that much effort playing CSDM before the tournament as I did before. That was very a egoistic act from me knowing that the rest of the team "breath" for CS, and I didn't.

Well, with this "retirement" I want to thank the Fnatic organisation, the best out there. Fnatic may not be TOP 1 team in every game all the time, but they will always be the Top 1 organisation in my eyes. And I know the player that will enter the colors of black and orange will do it in the best possible way, and I can only say that Fnatic will surely be the best Counter-Strike 1.6 team from now and forth.

At last I want to thank all the fans, all the ones who cheered for me and all the ones who didn't believe in me. It gave me a lot of motivation from both. I will miss you guys the most. Take care y'all and hope to see you guys sometime! Fnatic for the win!"

Our team captain, Patrik "cArn" Sättermon felt like saying this:

Tsiteerin: :
"Today I'm forced to confirm the sad news that a player that has given Fnatic his heart and soul for the last year, has decided to step down from professional Counter-Strike. Faruk "Pita" Pita came into the team late 2010, when the team got re-built with young and hungry players. In 2011 we have seen a team with potential that can go all the way to the podium, but at the same time a team that lacked international experience, something that at time made us underperform. However, I can honestely say that the Fnatic CS 1.6 team has reached the top again, we are once more back fighting for the medals, and we feel confident and proud when we entering new tournaments. Much of this is because of the motivation and passion the young players brought in the team, players like Pita. When there only was dark clouds Pita cheered the guys up with his charisma that made him to the player he is. Now in 2012 Pita feels like his motivation for the game has declined, and is choosing to step down on good terms with me and the team. Me and the guys want to wish him well in the future in whatever endeavour he choose."

We wish Pita all the best and thank him for the time, energy and dedication that he has put into Fnatic in 2011. Once again, we'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the fans, who had been supporting us all this time, and our wonderful sponsors: RaidCall, MSI, SteelSeries, EIZO and Gunnar.

We will announce our new player shortly, so stay tuned at and follow us via Facebook, Twitter and

RCWZX, goplay webmaster

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FnaticRaidCall says farewell to Pita
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